Keynote Session: The Visual Effect

Plaza, TBD
Speaker: Jeff Lobb - SparkTank Media

What got you here, won’t necessarily get you or your business to the next level. Are you ready to Let go of what you’ve always done and embrace sales and marketing in today’s social driven economy? Jeff Lobb will show you how to Harness the power of visual marketing and visual selling to supercharge your marketing efforts, amplify your reach, and ultimately, close more sales.  Learn to effectively market to your consumers to get their attention, capture leads and deliver great visual presentations. This sessions shows you how to win more business using with the most visual of the social media platforms – Instagram, Pinterest and, everyone’s favorite – Facebook! Combine Social with cutting edge Visual Marketing, Lead Capture and Sales Delivery strategies for Jeff Lobb’s  fast paced, eye opening Keynote Session that will Deliver Results.

What Buyers and Sellers Want

To be Assigned

Combines consumer trends, tech trends and search trends with a beginning to end business and marketing process talk

LIVE Video is Like Rocket Fuel for Business

Plaza, TBD
Speaker: Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro - JMan Seminars

Jump on the live video bandwagon NOW to create amazing opportunities to connect with clients and consumers.  Video is NOT just for House Tours!  JMan will show you how it’s done and why it works:  choosing content, finding platforms and software, incorporating social media, equipment considerations and basically how to get over yourself and just DO IT.

How Strong is Your Online Reputation?

Terrace; TBD
Speaker: Alex Montalenti - eRealty Media

Lets face it. People judge you all the time. They judge you by the car you are driving, the clothes you are wearing, and the way you act or speak.
Today buyers and homeowners are judging you by the quality and strength of your online and social media presence.
Think about it. What happens when they google your name? Do you show up? How do you show up?
Like it or not, in those few seconds of searching, they are deciding whether or not to work with you before you have a chance to speak to them. The fact is, you won’t know why they didn’t contact you.
Alex Montalenti will walk you through Google Results for realtors.  Learn how to leverage sites like Realtor, Zillow and Homes and social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, YouTube and Google Business.  Learn what is new with Instagram.
This session shows you the importance of your online reputation, how it can be measured, what you need to be aware of and how you can maximize it.
He will also be sharing examples of realtors that are maximizing their online reputation.

Data is the New Currency

Emerald, TBD
Speaker: Linda Christensen - Remine

Refine your prospecting efforts, identifying and targeting key opportunities for developing quality leads with the use of big data to discover new potential buyers and sellers.

The Ultimate REALTOR® App: RPR Mobile

To be Assigned
Speaker: Veronica McManus - Realtors Property Resource, LLC

RPR’s app is like no other found in the real estate industry. Built exclusively for REALTORS®, the app offers on-the-go access to a nationwide, parcel-centric database of both residential and commercial properties, including dynamic data and robust reporting for a multitude of data sets.

Attend this class to learn how to leverage the app’s top ten assets, such as:

  • Use your phone’s location to instantly view any property nearby
  • Search for properties to find listings, sales, valuations, assessments, deeds, foreclosures, schools, photos, maps
  • Quickly check market trend information
  • Create, customize, view, save, and send RPR reports with your added photos, audio, and text notes.

Create a CMA using the app’s Mobile Comp Express.

Writing Contracts & Creating Listings in Stratus Using Instanet Anywhere

Veranda Room - 2nd Floor Opposite Exhibit Hall
Speaker: Joe Kazzoun - Instanet Solutions

Learn how to use the power of TransactionDesk and Authentisign to save time and make things easier for you and your clients. . Fill out forms and get documents signed wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection. Learn how easy it really is to finally go paperless.

Did you know you can use Instanet to create a listing in Stratus? We’ll show you how to do that, store all your files in the cloud and much more.

This session is repeated:       11:15 – 12        12:30 – 1:00            2:00 – 2:30

Introduction to RPR Commercial

To be Assigned
Speaker: Veronica McManus - Realtors Property Resource, LLC

Do you have clients looking for the ultimate location for a business? Attend this fast paced presentation to learn how RPR Commercial’s demographic and psychographic data can identify the who, what, where, why and how of any community.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Search for and view commercial property details
  • Tap into psychographic, demographic, and spending information to truly understand consumers in a given neighborhood
  • Analyze sales volumes via thematic maps
  • Create impressive reports that summarizes all this amazing data

Real marketing tips from real buyers and sellers

Terrace; TBD
Speaker: Bob Evans -

Join Bob Evans as he unveils cutting edge data identifying the average pitfalls found when responding to leads, communicating with consumers and navigating the transaction process.  Can you say you know what consumers want when it comes to their real estate transaction?  Can your marketing benefit from free tools to help you improve your customer engagement and drive lead flow?  Come join a power packed session loaded with actionable takeaways.

Why Facebook and Instagram Work for Some and Not for Others

Emerald, TBD
Speaker: Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro - JMan Seminars

Some agents make this whole social media thing look SO EASY!  What really works? What doesn’t work and might even get you in trouble?  What’s the big deal about SnapChat?  Learn tips and techniques from JMAN for engaging clients and consumers in meaningful ways with great content and great focus.  Develop strategies using the platform tools that will set you apart for the millions of other Realtors on social media today.

An Inside Look at Zillow Group

Terrace; TBD
Speaker: Jim Bridges - Zillow Group

In today’s digital world, consumers are turning to technology more than ever before. Join Jim Bridges, Director of MLS & Industry Development, to get a closer look into Zillow Group and learn how we’re addressing the changing needs and expectations of today’s consumers.

Text New Listings from Collab (Stratus)

Veranda Left; 1:00 PM-1:30 PM
Speaker: Laureen Zarba - MLSLI / LIBOR

What if you could set up an IMMEDIATE TEXT NOTIFICATION to your client regarding new listings?  You can with COLLAB (Stratus)!  Stop by this session to see how simple it is to set up – even if it’s just YOU who receives those TEXTS!  Text is sent just seconds after it is entered into Stratus, giving you a leg up on other competing buyers.

10 Tips to Protect Listings, Clients and Your Reputation

To be Assigned

Buyers and the RPR WOW Factor!!

To be Assigned
Speaker: Veronica McManus - Realtors Property Resource, LLC

As an RPR® user with an expert understanding of the local market, you have the power to analyze and manage a platform of unparalleled data to the extent that no other search mechanism offers. In fact, no other real estate data sharing website offers side-by-side, listing vs. public record comparisons like RPR.

  • Establish needs and expectations, and then confidently educate buyers on what the local market offers
  • Conduct a thorough property search by active, pending and sold listings; distressed properties, neighborhoods, schools, distance, and more
  • Generate an attention-grabbing report for each of the properties on your tour, your open houses, online lead inquiries…
  • Create a follow-up email strategy using advanced RPR reports

Scope out those last-minute property sightings using the RPR app, including FSBOs

7 Streams of People

Plaza, TBD
Speaker: Jeff Lobb - SparkTank Media

Want more business than you can handle? In this must-see session, Industry Expert Jeff Lobb will show you how to amplify your business opportunities and diversify your sources of people. While you may think a lot of your business comes from online sources, Jeff will show you that you have opportunities you may be overlooking – all around you – in real life. Learn to build your business by leveraging your day to day activities to fill your pipeline, use social marketing to reach more people, and prospect your sphere to increase your referral business. Finding new ways to connect, leverage multiple streams of people, and build the most important part of your business – Referrals!

Distressed Property Throwdown: Lis Pendens vs. Auctions

Terrace; TBD
Speaker: Erik Wind - GeoData Plus LLC

Are Lis Pendens or Auction Properties a better deal? Which one really rules for real estate agents and their clients? What are the big benefits vs. hidden risks of each stage? Erik Wind of GeoData Plus is bringing the data for a showdown between them, and will show you how to get leads for whichever you are most passionate about. Join us to find out the answers.

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