• Heather Elias

    “Better than Google Adwords. Why Facebook Ads Are All You Need”

    Session Time: 11:00am Room: Plaza Veiw Presentation

  • Darnell Holloway

    “Yelp & Your Business Presentation”

    Session Time:1:15pm Room: Terrace View Presentation

  • Mark Tepper

    “Google vs Facebook”

    Session Time:2:00pm Room: Terrace View Presentation

  • Janet Choynowski

    “Globel Why and How?”

    Session Time:11:45pm Room: Plaza View Presentation

  • John Lim

    “Mobile QR & Text Codes, Single Property Mobile Websites”

    Session Time:10:10pm Room: Plaza View Presentation

  • John Lim

    “Make $ense of Technology: The Truth About Mobile”

    Session Time:2:00pm Room: Plaza View Presentation