• Introducing RatePlug

    Brad Springer – RatePlug
    RatePlug provides Realtors and their Mortgage Lenders with marketing and technology solutions to educate potential home buyers. RatePlug integrates interactive, real-time mortgage payment information into Stratus MLS Client and Customer listing reports.

  • Connecting The Digital Dots

    Jimmy Mackin – Curaytor.com
    Technology is deeply integrated within every aspects of our businesses. Great businesses are defined not only by the technologies they use but the systems they develop to organize the people and tools to achieve the goal of delivering a great experience for their customers. In this session, Jimmy will teach you how to find, evaluate and integrate technology into the key parts of your business to help you become more efficient and profitable.

  • Digital Househunt

    Nobu Hata – National Association of Realtors®
    The last five years has seen unprecedented change in the way consumers search for, and finds information about a home and all the moving pieces within a the transaction including you, the Realtor®; however none of that will compare to the next five years. Learn house-hunting trends directly from Google and how agents can turn digital trends into digital – and real world – action.

  • The Mobile Agent

    Moderator: Beth O’Connor – MLSLI
    Panelists: Cheryl Grossman, Linda Davis & Bettie Meinel

    Simply OWNING a smartphone or tablet doesn’t automatically make you a mobile agent! It’s HOW you use it to streamline your workflow and communicate effectively. In this “don’t miss” panel discussion, 3 successful mobile Realtors® will share their wealth of information regarding apps that optimize their business processes, saves them time and most importantly, provides an amazing customer experience.

  • How International Buyers Really Search For Property in Your Market, And How to Help Them Find You

    Janet Choynowski – Immobel Group/Real-Buzz Media
    Take a look at your local market through the eyes of an international buyer: how they search, what they actually see, which websites are dominating the front pages of international search engines. What is the benefit of international listing syndication? And what simple steps you can take to make your own website more visible to international buyers.

  • Create Paperless & Mobile Real Estate Transactions FREE Member Benefit

    Steve Mapes – Instanet Solutions
    Have you ever needed your seller to sign an agency disclosure at 10 pm and you don’t even have a blank form? Never again! This session will walk you through the entire simple process of creating an Instanet transaction folder “in the cloud” right from your listings in Stratus. Then how you can upload any forms, documents, contracts, contact information and emails to this folder – all accessible from your phone or tablet for faxing, emailing or printing!

  • The 2013 Technology Cheat Sheet

    Jimmy Mackin – Curator.com
    2013 is the year defined by social and cloud based applications. From websites that can track and organize social conversation within specific neighborhoods to mobile applications that can send personalized thank you cards to your sphere in under 60 seconds. In this session, Jimmy will give you a crash course in the top productivity apps, mobile apps, web apps, and social applications that you need to know about.

  • Old School Real Estate Techniques, New School Ways

    Nobu Hata – National Association of Realtors
    And did you know real estate is a top industry for it? In this session you will learn where you’re vulnerable and be made aware of recent scams and social engineer efforts. You will also learn some best practices in protecting information for you, and your clients. If you want to stay compliant and safe, make sure you attend this session.

  • Talking It Up With Our Keynotes

    Moderator: Linda Davis
    Panelists: Jimmy Mackin & Nobu Hata

    Enjoy this wrap-up panel with our keynote speakers. After hearing Jimmy Mackin and Nobu Hata’s session as well as Linda Davis’ wonderful insight, now you can be part of this interactive Q&A panel on the topics you want to discuss with them.

  • Hot New Products Showcase

    Moderator: Dana Lynne Nowick – MLSLI
    Panelists: Kevin Knol, Kevin Greene, Devin Bezdicek, Kevin Cover & Adam Selig

  • ShowingTime Mobile App – All You Need to Know

    Mike Caputo – ShowingTime
    Mike will review helpful keys to using ShowingTime’s mobile app, plus how it works together with ShowingAssist, the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingDesk to help you schedule showings on the go, request and respond to feedback, track activity and more. We’ll even show you how your sellers can use the App!

  • Jump Start Your Business With FREE Tools from realtor.com®

    Roger Stewart – realtor.com®
    Everyone knows realtor.com® has great info on real estate for consumers and excellent opportunities for marketing properties and your business, but did you know that realtor.com® has many FREE tools designed specifically to help you succeed and stand out among the competition? Learn how these FREE tools can make you more efficient in you daily routine while adding value to the services you have to offer your clients. See our new agent-branded Mobile App, free mobile listings including QR codes, claiming your profile in the realtor.com® “Find a REALTOR®” Directory, social tools for your Facebook business page and creating a HyperSocial™ profile to share on social networks. Learn about these tools and get a jump on your competition today!

  • Be Productive With Your iPad: Tips, Tricks, Apps for Real Estate

    Betty Lee – Zillow
    More and more shoppers are starting their search online. With the internet and mobile devices becoming a growing source for new business, The Digital Agent training walks real estate agents through five simple steps to modify their business to support home shoppers and scale for sustained success. From best practices to building an agent website and lead follow-up strategies, to techniques for good drip campaigns and how to scale a team of buyers agents, the Digital Agent presentation will prepare any agent for the next generation of home shoppers.

  • Gain Competitive Edge With FIND from realtor.com – Free Tool

    Roger Stewart – REALTOR.com
    A serious data application for serious Real Estate Professionals. The FIND application gives the real estate professional exclusive, easy access to realtor.com® data via a powerful, robust, and intuitive search engine. With FIND™s ultra-fast search capabilities and a powerful natural language processor, the professional can immediately access any of the broad data sets by simply typing in a request With access to over 100 million property records, active and sold records from over 850 MLS partners nation-wide updated every 15 minutes, as well as community, school and district information all available with the click of a mouse. This session is a must to learn about what this fast, free, intuitive tool, already available to MLSLI members, can do for your business.

  • Free Benefits From REALTOR.com®

    Stephen Pacinelli from Tech Savvy Agent, Move, Inc.
    The new HyperSocialTM Tools from REALTOR.com® are designed to help REALTORS® gather recommendations to build referral business. These free tools let agents share success stories from satisfied clients through their profile on REALTOR.com®,

  • Hot New Tech Product Showcase

    Dana Nowick from MLSLI Product Marketing Specialist
    New tech products showcase for you to consider for your business.

  • Listing Presentation Workshop

    Greg Robertson – W&R Studios (Cloud CMA)
    Do you know what people are saying about your business? Can local consumers even find you or your business online? These are important questions since more and more local consumers use online search engines as their main source to find local businesses.

  • Building & Protecting the Perfect Brand in 5 Easy Steps

    Joe Sesso – Homes.com
    The best brands in the world have built their names through different marketing and advertising methods. Joe will compel attendees to answer 3 questions about their specific brand. He’ll discuss how to build your brand digitally – mainly through new innovative video ads – and then how to protect and promote your brand.