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The Future of Data with Remine

Join Remine for a chance to get an in-depth training of the Remine Property Intelligence Platform®
Remine is a modern real estate search platform provided through your MLSLI membership
During this Remine training session, you’ll learn:

  • How to log in to the Remine desktop/mobile through MLSLI
  • Why Remine?  What information will Remine deliver that is unique to other platforms?
  • CMA 360:   Create fast and easy CMA in minutes
  • Hyper-Targeted geographic farming strategies using Remine
  • How to reach your targets:  Rocket Print and Mail, Facebook/Social Media
  • Saved Search/Client Invite:  Invite your contacts to Remine and provide them the best agent-branded/ad-free search experience in the business

Reducing Your Risk of Being Targeted

Commercially available background checks are ineffective and increase the risk of a Fair Housing violation.  Personal safety apps are reactive not proactive.  Misconceptions about crime against agents have lead to ineffective recommendations.  So how do you keep yourself safe without sacrificing your sale?
In this session Lee Goldstein will teach you how and when to use the Real Safe Agent system to prevent crime without making a legitimate prospect uncomfortable or jeopardizing your sale.

Successful Farming Strategy

Nowhere is there a more streamlined, single source of data and reports that fulfill every aspect of a successful farming campaign. From targeting and analyzing the marketability of potential neighborhoods to resources that help you “break the ice” with homeowners, it’s all here.  This class also includes how to use the RPR Mailing Labels and locating the 10 Long Island Opportunity Zones

Cyber Security Breach – Your Brokerage (and You!) May Be Liable!

The real estate industry is not safe from data breaches.
There is increasing potential liability for real estate brokers. Find out Why?
Real Estate Agents and brokers believe that they are not adequately prepared to prevent or mitigate a cyberattack. What should you do?
What are Cyber Hackers looking for and why Hackers are targeting your High Net worth clients for cybercriminal activity?
Why are more customers aggressively pursuing litigation against agents and brokers who fail to protect their personal information from cyberattacks?
What can happen to Brokers and Agents whose clients sustain financial and/or material harm due to a data breach at your business?
What must you do to protect your Career?

Know Your Numbers! Top 5 MLS Market Reports to Showcase Your Expertise

How’s the market?

MLS offers a variety of technology tools you can use to answer this question confidently and position yourself as the go-to expert. So, no matter when you’re asked that question, your answer will always be accurate!

In this session you will learn how to generate the TOP 5 Market Reports using tools like the MLS Market Report Generator, Homesnap, RPR, Stratus, the New Find and more. See which reports make you stand out from the competition. Learn how to quickly analyze and share trend data with your clients and use these reports on social media.

Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Impact

In this exclusive, behind-the-curtains look at the best-kept secret in Social Media, you’ll uncover the tricks that all top marketers and business professionals rely on to generate exposure and get more clients. You’ll learn the how to make your LinkedIn profile irresistible to ideal clients and collaborators, and what to do to really leverage its power. Karen also shares success stories that her clients have enjoyed – tips you can use for your own business!