Keynote Session: How to Stand Out in a Content Saturated World

At the core of modern marketing lies one common frustration for most business owners: How do I make my business stand out with all this noise? And how do I stop wasting money every day on stuff that doesn’t work? Sounds familiar? In this presentation Award Winning Marketing Strategist Antoine Dupont shows you the tools, techniques, and bullseye research you need to create the quality content that gets leads and grows your business. Antoine will show you how–through a series of easy-to-implement, actionable recommendations–to stop wasting tons of money every month on stuff that no longer works.

Key Takeaways:
• Understand what works and doesn’t work anymore
• How to be effective with video marketing
• Why Facebook is grossly misunderstood
• How to leverage social media for engagement & growth
• Stop thinking conversion and focus on experience